Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Printed out the manuscript

Was at Karen's yesterday and printed out the entire manuscript that I have so far. It's pretty thick. 77 pages on Open Office. Karen's sick, so am I... sat home and did nothing at all today. I feel like death. I hate calling in sick to this job, because I KNOW it's causing them a true hardship but fuck. I can't do that job when sick. IT's too intense. I come away from it hurting as it is. Karen brought me some hot food from New Seasons today. Poor thing is totally whacked, sick as a dog with coughing. I'm not coughing, but was sneezing and my joints ache like mad. Trying to get back on track with PSU: by the way, they use QUARTERS, and Winter Quarter starts soon. I hope to get that scholarship. I'm tired. And I hate my job so much I really want to give up.

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